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Welcome To North Star Stamping & Tool, INC

NORTH STAR was founded on the principle of producing a superior product, precise and beautifully finished, competitively priced with timely delivery.

Customer Service

Early supplier involvement is the key to making your product as competitive as possible. From prototype through production, working together gives our customers the edge.

Service is not merely a word at NORTH Star - it is the linchpin of our philosophy. Customers may request status reports at any time. The NORTH Star tracking system can pinpoint the exact progress of your parts and project the out-the-doorhomeinmg shipping date. Our Sales Representatives keep their fingers on the pulse of each order, from die building to stamping to finishing.

At NORTH Star, we're intent on being true team players, because

our success comes only from your success.

Manufacturing Excellence

NORTH Star's

state-of-the-art press control systems

produce the ultimate in precise,high quality parts. A variety of press capacities and in-house spot welding have enabled us to increase productivity and maintain the cost competitive edge. Our internal procedures keep us poised and ready to react promptly to your design and schedule changes.

Parts will be finished to your specifications. Whether it is heat treating, brazing, plating, painting, or a wide range of other processes, we can deliver a qualltv product to your satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Today's market qualilty is a given. At North Star we plan for a quality product in the design and development of a part We monitor the product as it is being manufactured. And we work to continually improve the process. We believe that producting a qulaity product from beginning to end is the only way to maintain the competitive edge.

Total Quality Management (TQM), Statistical Process Control (SPC) ISO 9002 and QS 9000

requirements form the basis for NORTH Star's commitment to excellence.

Precision Tooling

Tooling is designed and built to your specifications. Whether it is progressive dies with intricate forms and close tolerances, or compound dies with many operations, we have the expertise to satisfy your most stringent requirements. Production is supported by a fully equipped in-house tool room.

ON-Time Delivery

Receiving a product on time is as important as receiving a quality product. We maintain our own vehicles for dependable delivery. Ample warehouse space allows us to offer the flexibility of JIT (just-in-time) shipments. And all shipments are identifiedwithbar-coded labeling for greater accuracy in inventory control, on the floor and in the stockroom.

Manufacturing Excellence - North Star is Forming the Future

Brass Metal
Aluminum Metal Stampings
Hot Rolled Steel Metal Stampings
Cold Rolled Steel Metal Stampings